Sunday, 6 September 2015

Call me Femi-Nazi

Unclothe me with your eyes,
Hungry hands and mind,
Or your words
that spell like fear
of your sex’s weakness
I am not ashamed
I am but a woman.

Hear my story,
Turn a deaf ear, shy away
Walk past, plugging me out
Cry or console my loss
Chide me, ask me to shut up.
Ignore me
I still shriek of injustice
I am but a woman.

Call me the goddess, your alter ego,
The prostitute or the slut,
the femi-nazi,
The woman you can only
dream of bedding, or
The whore you fucked
last night,
Or your mother
I am multiple orgasms
I am but a woman.

Shred my ego to pieces,
revel in chivalry
Or slap me down
grovelling in the gravel
Mould me to your choice
I will be the lady
and the bitch
I am everything.
I am but a woman

Ban my blood and
own my womb
Taboo my body
for three whole days
Seed it with lust the next
I choose to be childless, to bleed freely
I am but a woman.

Don’t love my love handles
put me down with my weight
My full grown body
an eyesore.
Try me into body issues
I will not fit in
I am but a woman

Say I am too modern,
Outrageous, or too traditional
to suit your tastes
Judge me with the size of my bindhi
Or the way I drape my
Sari just below
my navel, or the swiftness
with which I cover my head
when seen
Or the click of my six inch heel
I am the permanent outcast
I am but a woman.

Thrust upon my body
masks of masculinity
your hard rock ego swells with
each sloppy kiss-
That testosterone high
Fails to stir me enough
I prefer women

I am but a woman. 


  1. Holy Cow !! you are but a woman.. :D brilliantly written...

  2. Simply superb...keep up the good work

  3. good writes ...

  4. I am reading it again and again... Excellent words.. Excellent way of putting up things... And yes,,, u r a FEMINAZI