Saturday, 26 March 2016

a reply to someone who hurt me in passing

Yes, I am a tamilian
Call me Madarasi if you would
I don't have a problem.
No, I don't speak hindi
but I'm as much an Indian
as you are
Even more Indian than that
middle-aged politician who raves
Satyameva Jeyate
every time he violates
the constitution.
Or those saffron-clad babas
who proclaim to save
Mother India.
Oh yes, I'm a tamilian
And I don't hate your tongue.
Why, I love the way
my stomach coordinates with my mouth
(for once)
as I voice out Ba and Bha
and know my Bindi from Bhindi
and Bhakra.
So next time we meet,
I will offer a Namaste
and wouldn't expect a Vanakkam
for a reply.
Yes, I'm a tamilian
whose hindi you can measure
with the counts of your fingers
But very much an Indian
Just like you,
your neighbour
and his.

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