Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A man I know
(from film screenings and art fests
in the city)
came upto me and asked
What I think of the 'Me too'
What can anyone think of it, 
really? Later, 
someone else asked about the
Aziz Ansari incident.
All I can tell you is I know
Aziz Ansaris in my life.
Meet, interact, fidget,
and forget
if lucky.
What I cannot tell you however
Is the ball of nausea that rolls up
from deep under my belly
to my head making it dizzy
when asked.
I do not think anything.
I do not think there's anything
To think.
You can mull over
A phrase. Or
Perhaps even a poem.
This is neither.
This is only a collective memory
of the stabs
We have received in
One lifetime.
I do not think there is anything
To think.

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