Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Corpse

The heart burns inside
my body which is aflame,
eyes trickle down to hot tears.
I’m dead long before,
But why do I burn now?
Alive with hell fire.
Love or hate?
You seducer!
Brought my white dead heart
aflame with your kiss.
Today it is burning pyre
Licking my ribs,
swallowing my breath.
It is craving like a fiend
to quench it’s thirst,
which you have generously given.
Waiting for life or death?
Answer not!
It is death when you don’t live.
I am dead.
Where are you
O hot-blooded fiend?
O heartless seducer
take my corpse in thy hands,
show me life as you have always done...

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