Tuesday, 24 June 2014

the vile truth

are you there
in the next bend of the road?
or beyond my reach?
or in the behinds of the door?
I walk in with held breath
to encounter you,
to bare you to shame,
and to imbibe slowly
thy oozing venom-
the wine of ages,
intoxicating my soul.
No! You live in the dingy damp cellars,
cloaking into disguise.

A sweet grape
held within thy womb,
nurtured with poison and darkness
dubious ever of sinful grace
behold never sparkling rays
but Night’s shadows
of blackened veils and
Kohl-lined eyes
smeared with Satan’s blood
kissed into life by asp’s fangs.
It grows and grows
into uncanny shape
eating minds raw and ripe
alike, until nothing to quench
but itself, the monster
gnaws it all,
devouring the dark by dark
the venom by venom,
until the remains
are mere bones, dried,
tear-blood soaked hair,
nails streaked red,
and a strange broken
frame of a skeleton.
The raw bones speak
truth, the truth
through every pore
when the war is done,
when the air is stiff of
dried stinking stained blood,
when no soul cares to hear
the reeking truth
thundering amidst bones
as it rises, puffs in the misty air
and vanishes omnipresent,
yet intangible!

Photo Courtesy: Nandha Kishore