Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm No Toy for Meat-Eating Men

You are ashamed to
See my limbs?
Those long trunks
Chiseled to
Sinful perfection
Caressed stealthily
On trysts and nights
But sin in daylight.
"Clothe! Cover!"

Cover up your eyes,
those meat-eaters
Pluck them out
You vegetarian men!
Gnarling at my body
No land of your's
Like dogs
Over a piece of meat.
vegetarian dogs
Are you also ashamed
Your voyeuristic words don't sting
My womanish honeyed ears?
Or is it the
Looming failure
I see in your eyes?
Or is it rage
Of the soon to-be-carcass?
You taught me shame
And it burns
My heart to
Kick you in your face
with the butt of
A revolver licking blood.
And tell your
Meat-eating eyes
"Don't teach me shame
I am never ashamed."

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