Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tears I have no answer for

Tear me apart
if I know the reason
the reason why
like menstrual blood oozing out
in anger and pain,
my raw eyes
send out
these vain tears
in gushes,
and waits to be
Wiped out of grief and agony
like one possible.
Ah! dumb dreamy eyes,
lacking logic.
I envy you waters
of those filled eyes,
brimming with reason
of pain or destiny or love.
But pity not
these tears,
tearing themselves apart
ever in search for a reason
like a nameless child.
As they, like wanton saplings
break my crumbling walls
and flow down in deeps
in search of a reason:
a reason for their birth,
in these deep cups
ever brimming
with waters of life,
lacking reason!
And flowing down,
dry and ebb away
on the uncared for,
plain cheeks.

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