Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Coming

You come
You always come
When I shampoo my head
Waters streaming down
The drain…
You come
You take me unarmed
When I sit on the garden wall
Gazing gaping at
Colluding squirrels on
Coconut trees.
You come
Trying to catch those
Bushy tails
And prance right
Under my eyes
Sly fox! Coy lover,
Muse, you come,
You always do.
Ah! you know when
I am unarmed.
Hidden behind those lilac
The space your living
A mirage,
You come.
If only windows
Had tongues!
Your evasive elusive
Tiptoes feed my mind,
My eyes, and
I gaze more and more
And more wide
And you still come
You always come
As you do
On rainy nights
Those pearl drops clinging
Sliding down electric wires
You gurgle at them
Cooing, counting,
You come in drops-tasting.
You come. 

Note: I address Poetry/Words in this poem. It is all about how poetry entices me.

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